Selo – David Soda

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  • Selo, screen printed book by David Soda
  • 22x31cm, 16 pages, edition of 100. Two color screen print with hand painted details, making each copy unique
  • Published by Longest Night, Kortedala 2022
  • Language: No words
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Selo (The village) – screen printed art book by David Soda created during his Scandinavian Escape in June-July 2022. Two color screen print with hand painted details making each copy unique.

The book is part of ongoing project about a village in Serbia that David has been working on for the last five years. Grown out of emotional ties with his grandparents, empathy for regional issues in Serbia and personal fears David’s camera is following the villagers around in every day situations such as protesting against the recent gold rush into small hydropower plants destroying local rivers and streams, slaughtering farm animals, picking potatoes, looking through obituaries and some nice things as well – like making rakija.

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