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The longest night is a forest of fantasy creatures, a jungle full of undiscovered fruits, a sea of northern lights, a long night’s journey into day, when the kids are sleeping and the mice dance on the table, immersed in hours of undisturbed, productive work. The longest night is a night that passes quickly – you didn’t even notice the sun rise. Longest night, our new screen printing workshop in Gothenburg, is starting to take shape. We just moved into a new space in Kortedala at Dagjämningsgatan 14, you’re welcome to come and visit!  Northwest sister outpost of  Matrijaršija, northeast brother of Nejd

All our prints are created together with the artist. We screen print by hand in limited editions. We like company in the workshop, and we will teach you how to print. 

Productive, independent work

Longest Night was started by Mileta Mijatović and Anna Ehrlemark in 2020. We moved to Gothenburg from Serbia just at the start of the pandemic and immediately started looking for a space to set up a screen printing workshop. In December 2020 we moved into the artist run gallery collective Nejd at Ringön. In may 2022 we finally found a new space with ideal dimensions for our big Svecia screenprinting tables, from now on you can come visit us in Kortedala.

Mileta is one of the founders and Anna a long time collaborator of the autonomous cultural center and printing studio Matrijaršija in Belgrade. Longest Night is our colonizing outpost and distribution center in the North. We work in the intersection between illustration, comics, music, video, collage and kafana.  This is the beginning, we are starting to print our own edition of hand crafted prints with the best artists we know, especially looking for new collaborations with Scandinavian authors. We also carry and distribute prints from our European printing network to Swedish and Scandinavian art lovers.

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In our web shop you find hand crafted prints by some of the best artists we know. High quality, low price.


We are open for suggestions!

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Guns for hire. We screenprint on paper and textile. Contact us for any queries.

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We are always looking for new artists to work with, get in touch if you think we will love your work!

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