Longest Night Membership

Our workshop is open for more artists, graphic artists, designers, publishers, musicians who need a place to work.

Longest Night is an artist-run collective workshop where we share common spaces and equipment. We are located in an old car mechanics workshop in a forgotten industrial area up on the Kortedala mountain. From time to time we organize exhibitions, concerts, workshops and other events where people and art meet, and we often have artists in residence who come to create new works. We want to be a vibrant place for production, engagement and collectivity in our local residential area in Eastern Gothenburg.

The workshop has equipment for e.g. printing on paper and textiles, book publishing, music production, etc. Our current members print on clothes, paper and canvas and make noise music. 

If it sounds interesting, get in touch and come by for a coffee! We can adapt the space and create conditions for your production as long as it goes together with everything else.

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