Tinja – Andrej Julher

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  • Tinja, screen printed book by Andrej Julher
  • 22x30cm, 16 pages, edition of 100.
  • Two color screen print with mono-printed second layer, making each copy unique.
  • Published by Longest Night, Kortedala 2023
  • Language: Bosnian-Serbian-Croatian/English
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Screen printed artist book by Serbian illustrator Andrej Julher. Some books take longer than others to finish. This one was printed during the darkest week of the year 2022, and cut and bound in spring-light April 2023. Andrej was present on both occasions. But not in between. Andrej comes and goes like the seasons. It’s a beautiful book with pagan roots and post-post-modern leafs. Enter into it through the poem of Goran Stamenić, carved into the first page. Screen printed in two layers with a mono printed second color making each copy unique. Photocopied insert from Community Print at Skogen in Gothenburg, folded and stapled with great help from Klas Trollius.

We are all so old now. The world is old, so much it turned blind. The labour is tired, colors, music, silence.

It seems familiar. The city seems so familiar, but we will never get there.

She remembers the first tooth she ever lost, how she held it in the palm of her hand as if it was a Moon rock, how she poked her gums with her tongue where something used to exist. She was too young to comprehend the transience of the body but she knew that this new space in her mouth was hiding something important. This little mythological hole is a prayer is an emptiness. The whole planet could be that wound.


Goran Stamenić

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Andrej Julher


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