Ø – Zven Balslev & Peter Larsen

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  • Ø, screen printed book by Zven Balslev & Peter Larsen
  • 22x31cm, 16 pages, edition of 100. Screen printed with four different pastells on black 160g Colorit paper.
  • Published by Longest Night, Kortedala 2022
  • Language: No words
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Ø (The Island) – screen printed art book by Zven Balslev and Peter Larsen.

Zven Balslev and Peter Larsen are artists, printmakers, musicians and publishers based at the Mayhem cultural centre for extreme art in Copenhagen and with the screen printing workshop Cult Pump under their wings. They create mythological, punk, surreal, tender, absurd, enchanting olklore on paper with all the tools at hand. Ø was printed in four soft, radiating pastells on black paper for the first show at Longest Night’s new workshop in Kortedala and ready for the opening night on May 28th 2022. The artists were present (or Zven at least, since Peter caught a cold and had to stay home).


Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 31 × 22 × 0.5 cm


Print workshop

Longest night


Screen print


Peter Larsen, Zven Balslev


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