Utplåning – Musique Brut – Sewer Election

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  • “Utplåning” tape release by Sewer Election, recorded in February 2024
  • “Musique Brut” Screen poster hand printed at Longest Night in October 2023
  • Format 46x64cm
  • Printed on Munken Pure 240 g
  • 2 colors
  • Limited edition, 50 copies

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Noise and ink! Very limited cassette+screen print release by Gothenburg closet star Sewer Election. We have 50 copies of “Utplåning”, all with unique screen printed cases, and each cassette comes with a two color “Musique Brut” screen print, Dan Johansson’s first.

Dan Johansson aka Sewer Election (born 1979) performs crude and raw experimental soundworks – hypnotic, dreamlike and introspective musique concrete-esque abstractions. Deeply rooted in Gothenburg underground and has been for the best part of two decades now, being involved with bands such as Enhet För Fri Musik, Amateur Hour, Heinz Hopf, and Organ Of Corti. He also co-runs the labels Förlag För Fri Musik & Usagi.



Print workshop

Longest night




Screen print


Dan Johansson, Sewer Election


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