The Golden City on Mars – John Andersson

500kr inc. Vat

  • Screen poster hand printed at Longest Night in September 2022
  • Format 64x46cm
  • Printed on Munken Pure 240 g
  • 3 colors – Lavender, Black and Gold
  • Limited edition, 100 copies

The Golden City on Mars, new screen print by John Andersson. John says:

The original free hand drawing for this poster was created with a Faber-Castell multimarker, white acrylic wall paint and Winsor & Newton calligraphy gold ink on a violet envelope. The motive was improvised starting with white, then gold and finally black without any sketching or planning. As an afterthought “The Golden City on Mars” seems to be a science fiction take on the classic theme “knight and virgin” where the virgin is a statue that may come to life à la Pygmalion and the knight brings to mind a scarecrow-like Pierrot or Pulcinella which leads us to Punch and Judy and the golden brick road then turns in to a variation of the Yellow Brick Road in The Wizzard of Oz. I think there is a film called “The Wizzard of Mars” which would be meaningful for both themes in this image.

This is the forth graphic we print in collaboration with John Andersson. The previous prints can be found here: Black Sheep Cat Family (out of print), Big Ben Boing Music (almost out of print), and Dracula’s castle.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 55 × 8 × 8 cm




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