LinBag the BinBag – Rhonda Davies

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  • LinBag the BinBag, screen printed fanzine by Rhonda Davies
  • 15,5x22cm, 16 pages, edition of 100, two colors.
  • Printed on Colorit 160g Rosa
  • Published by Longest Night, Kortedala 2022
  • Language: English

Shes got a gob on her like a sewer, her reputation is in the gutter and she lives in the back entry… Disguarded like a used plaster from the scabby arse of society! Shes a walkin, talkin sack of shit, a foul mothed shit stirring gobshite.

LinBag the BinBag the zine by Rhonda Davies was printed by the artist during her residency at Longest Night in August 2022. The story about the shittiest backyard wrestler in the UK is based on a TV production by Liverpool gang Projectile Vomit TV. The rest is history.

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Rhonda Davies


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