Kristallos drömda planet – John Andersson

500kr inc. Vat

  • Screen poster hand printed at Longest Night in November 2023
  • Format 64x46cm
  • Printed on Munken Pure 240 g
  • 6 colors
  • Limited edition, 100 copies

Our dear friend the artist John Andersson, Jona Blund Nation, passed away in January 2023. He walked away over the yellow brick road and took his wonderful world with him. Longest Night has collaborated with John on a series of magical prints and in December 2023 we presented all graphics including four new prints as a part of the exhibition Turbulator at Röda Sten Konsthall, Göteborg. The four new prints are published with the permission of the newly formed organisation John Anderssons Vänner who are responsible for preserving and spreading John’s artistic legacy from this square dimension. Continuing the collaboration after John’s passing is our attempt to keep the gates to his universe open.

The third print, “Kristallos drömda planet” – “Kristallo’s dreamed planet” is a sweet smelling burst of dreamy elements and associations only John would be able to give justice to. We have the backwards turned disguise glasses speeding out of a tunnel on water skis, The Falconer in sunglasses, a swelling, bubbly garden, the yellow brick road and a cheese moon resting on a fluffy cloud. An image to crawl into on a cold November night.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 55 × 8 × 8 cm




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