Czentrifuga fallen stars – Czentrifuga

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  • Screen poster hand printed at Longest Night in July 2023
  • Format 46x64cm
  • Printed on Munken Pure 240 g
  • 3 colors
  • Limited edition, 100 copies
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Screen printed event poster for the concert-performance by the outerwordly screenprint and garbage collective Czentrifuga from a galaxy far far away Berlin, printed during their residency at Longest Night in july 2023.
Czentrifuga grew out of a period of lawlessness and anarchy during the fifteen years or so of fallout brought by the collapse of the Berlin wall. Whilst West came to uncertain terms with East, vagabonds gravitated from every corner of the planet to a city in freefall where an abundance of squats and offspaces pollinated the city. These legal? scheiss egal! temporary autonomous zones created a chain reaction which produced an abundance of international creative grassroots collectives, initiatives, artists and mad entrepeneurs.
During this sleazy sub cultural flux and fusion of creative energies, the Fleischerei collective crawled out of this primordial soup in Berlins ‘Dark Heart of Mitte’, where the doors to the old butchers shop were open all hours to public, punks and their dogs, offering D.I.Y. opportunities for screen printing, trash performance, graphics, music and video production.
Cut to the mid 2000s, with gentrification now in its ascendence and the Fleischerei team having migrated first to Kreuzberg then to Friedrichshain in its new incarnation as Czentrifuga.
The scope and reach had by now expanded and manifested itself in larger actions and cooperations such as organising the First Berlin International Print and Performance Festival which subsequently helped to shape and inspire an established Europe wide scene. International travel and exchange were now the go with Czentrifuga, exporting its own self styled brand of ‘Rohkultur’ reflected across a spectrum of creative mediums.
Today, next generations of ueberlebenskünstler inhabit and maintain the Czentrifuga atelier spaces at Berlin Ostkreuz as well as continuing its core D.I.Y. socio cultural ethos, mixing it up together with the old skool ‘No Style Fuckers’, keeping things fresh and relevant.
Now with 3 vinyl L.P. releases and a string of performances under their belt, the in- house performance project Czentrifuga Fallen Stars are coming directly from the future to Götenborg to transport us to the opposite side of time.
Indeed, these costumed creators are plotting to disrupt the very fabric of the Nordic Space & Time Paradigm, as a means to traverse the sonic and sensual realms of cosmic chaos. Confused? You will be, and it will be wonderfully delicious!!

the longest Night from werner Kernebeck on Vimeo.

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